8 cheap beauty secrets


8 cheap beauty secrets

Introduction: In fact, beauty does not have to go to high-end beauty clubs, or hundreds of thousands of skin care products. As long as you know these magical beauty tips, you can save money and easily maintain yourself, so start learning this now8 beauty secrets you must know, the items at hand can quickly become your beautiful “little helper”!

1, pineapple juice cleansing pineapple juice is an excellent cleansing product, it contains enzymes that can remove stains on the skin.

You can take some pineapple juice by hand or with a cotton pad, then massage gently on both ends.

2. Lemon juice restores your skin color. In summer, did you catch a wheat-colored skin in style?

Now regret to want to change the race back?

The magic lemon juice can help you with this. Add some when you make the body mask, and you will find that the wheat color is gradually getting lighter!

3, olive oil baby oil lip makeup remover lipstick is beautiful, but the makeup is not completely caused by dry cracks, lip wrinkles and other infiltration.

You can use a cotton swab with olive oil or baby oil to remove the lipstick, which works very well.

4. Aspirin Removal A soluble aspirin drug is dissolved in the mask and applied to the acne area, which can inhibit the anti-inflammatory effect.

5. Yogurt masks often use yoghurt as a mask (full-fat molds for dry skin and low-fat yogurt for oily skin). The nutrients in yogurt can make the skin smoother.

6. Milky skin color beauty experts recommend that you use magnesium-containing milk to moisturize your face, because the magnesium surface in milk has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. After use, the skin absorbs nutrients from other skin care products to a greater extent than using clay masks.

Perfect milk-like skin is based on real milk.

7, tea bags apply eye cooling tea bags are really effective for eye puffiness and dark circles.

8. How can coarse salt to blackheads successfully defeat abominable blackheads?

Add a spoonful of coarse salt and three drops of iodine to a quarter cup of boiling water. Mix on a cotton pad and apply to the nose.

A few hours later, the blackheads were magically sucked out.