Note that the tiger teeth cannot be removed at will!

Note that the tiger teeth cannot be removed at will!

“Tiger teeth” is actually the dislocation of the lips of the maxillary canine.

It protrudes beyond the dental arch, and looks a bit like a tiger’s teeth from the side, so it is vividly called “tiger teeth”.

It cannot be unplugged easily!

  The reason why “tiger teeth” cannot be easily removed is because it has a very important role in the oral cavity; “tiger teeth” is a dislocation of normal teeth, not superfluous teeth. It is the strongest tooth in the oral cavity, with long and thick roots.Sharp and strong, can shred food, can bite hard food, and plays an important role in chewing function.

In addition, it supports the corner of the mouth to make the face plump and keep the face beautiful. If it is pulled out, it will cause depressions and aging, making the face look old.

If you unplug the two preset ports, the angle is not symmetrical.

Therefore, “tiger teeth” cannot be easily removed.

In some very special circumstances, the “tiger teeth” should be removed, and the decision can only be made by the orthopedist, and must not be forced lightly, so as not to regret it.