Beginner belly dance often encountered problems

Beginner belly dance often encountered problems


Can I learn belly dance without a basic dance?

  Answer: Absolutely. Belly dance is a dance that is very suitable for the human body. It is also a dance that celebrates life, so even people without a basic dance can dance confident belly dance through the practice of the course!


Does belly dancing have to be barefoot?

  A: Belly dance was a religious ritual in ancient times. Dancers usually wore barefoot, which means that the artistic conception expressed by dance is the vitality of nature and human reproduction, and it is also close to the land and the most direct contact with nature!!
Due to the limitation of the current learning venue, the quality of the floor is different, and some are even cement flooring, so students can also buy soft shoes to protect the feet, and foreign dancers will also wear specialized dances for the sake of beautiful performances.Shoes (professional high heels), so you can choose whether to wear shoes according to your situation and performance!

Beginners still recommend practicing barefoot for a while, it is best to enter a higher level course and consider whether to wear high heels!

It’s impossible to avoid foot injuries!


What do I need to learn to learn belly dance?

  Answer: The typical basic equipment of belly dance is a waistband, and light and close-fitting clothing. It is recommended to use thin milk silk and water pants. In Turkey, Turkish teachers used a leopard gauze as a waist cloth. They wereIt is very casual, so when you have the ability, it is not very important to have a waistband, because it is very significant to do a random action!


What are the props for belly dancing?

  A: In addition to waistbands, scarfs, canes, candelabras, candelabras, knives, fingersticks, and drums are all props used for belly dancing, of course!

Dancers abroad even use torches.

Exciting, some dancers dance with snakes!

But this may need to cultivate tacit understanding with the snake first!