Help your baby to lose weight expert

Help your baby to lose weight expert

Is your baby overweight?

Are you worried about how to lose weight to him or her?

Have you tried some methods that have no effect?

Take a look at the expert tips below. Maybe you can help.

Reasons for Weight Loss Failure Babies often lose weight because parents or doctors worry about it and not ask them to lose weight.

Babies themselves cannot recognize the essence of weight loss. They are not worthy enough, so they are prone to failure.

Clinical factors The recommendations made by clinical or nutritional doctors are theoretically reasonable, but unrealistic, these prescriptions are not effective in helping children to lose weight continuously.

It is essential for children to change their bad habits.

Environmental / Social Factors Child obesity is already a psychological burden.

Studies have found that children of standard weight are more likely to be happier. Friends with complications are smarter and more beautiful, and more grouped than obese children.

1 Children must have unwavering determination; 2 Doctors must clearly understand the children’s bad life and eating habits and strive to find effective and targeted methods; 3 Social and family support and psychological counseling.

Planning and merging are only possible after the prerequisites are expected to succeed.

Otherwise, only closed “collective weight loss” can achieve the effect (effective monitoring).

Expert tips for self-monitoring (diary) 1 food diary (recording total thermal energy intake, food type, weight, conditions during eating, etc.); 2 exercise diary (recording exercise frequency, duration and intensity); 3 scale and body coefficient table (record the change of body weight, trace percentage and body size, etc.).

Note: The purpose of journaling is to increase awareness.

Children cannot do it on their own and parents do the work.

The incentive to control the sweetness from home to kindergarten will pass through a McDonald’s.

Every time I go through this place, I will be attracted by the flavor and appearance of the food inside, and produce a high temperature feeling.

This example shows that going to and from kindergarten and passing McDonald’s may be the cause of children’s overeating.

Incentive control is to avoid the facts that lead to bad behavior.

Change the route of sweet to kindergarten.

Maybe ―a better way to develop behavioral control skills (counting each bite, chewing each bite, or putting tableware between each bite); 2 discouraging other behaviors while eating, such as watching TV; 3For older children, you can put sportswear by the bed at night to remind you to run early the next morning.

Change your mind and learn how to actively change your self-assertion.

For example, “everyone in my family is fat, inherited, and cannot be reduced.” Children should be taught to refute themselves. “It’s just difficult, but not impossible.

If I stick to the plan, I will succeed. ”

Children should be made aware that weight loss can not only reduce disease, but also make them look better, and regain confidence and self-esteem.

Change your lifestyle 1 Reduce sedentary habits.

2 Discourage excessive watching of TV and use of computer (less than 2 hours in total).

3 Encourage physical exercise or group sports.

Such as participating in sports associations, body dance training, etc.

4 Increase accidental behavior.

For example, encourage children to do housework, walk instead of taking a car, take stairs instead of taking an elevator, etc.

5 Organize family activities.

For example, black people, family walks after meals, etc.

Parents support their parents to play a very important role in pediatric weight loss. Not only must they have good nutritional knowledge, they must decide what and when children should eat, and shoulder the responsibility of determining how much and whether children should eat.

To do a good job of supervision, we must also set an example for our children.


!!1 To ensure normal growth and development, a reasonable balanced supplement, do not diet.

Children under 2 and under 2 years of age, usually under 5 years of age, should not accept a low blood sugar diet, and of course they cannot take unlimited amounts.

3In general, children do not recommend medication and surgery.

4 Fat man eats bite by bite about obesity.

Focus on prevention.

Experts suggest that the cause of obesity is not a single factor, but a comprehensive factor.

For example, overeating and insufficient exercise are equally important. For example, the acquired factor (more than 60%) is greater than the congenital factor (20-40%). The acquired factor includes many situations. Overeating and insufficient exercise are the main reasons.
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