How to use 3 minutes to make yourself gain unexpected health!

How to use 3 minutes to make yourself gain unexpected health!

What can I do in 3 minutes?

Wait for the bus, watch TV, and brush your circle of friends.


Too many insignificant 3 minutes in life, no one cares.

But doing these four 3 minutes can make you easily gain health.

Let’s take a look with Xiaobian now.

  1. Persistence of brushing for 3 minutes. It has been confirmed by experiments that the maximum cleaning time required for brushing is 3 to 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, it has no effect on removing plaque. It takes 3 minutes to brush and it is difficult to reach the bristles.The effect of removing plaque is not achieved, so it is proposed that the brushing time is three minutes.

Such smaller teeth are exposed to a higher concentration of fluoride, which improves the surface’s ability to resist decalcification and prevent caries.

  Knowing that the time to brush your teeth should be controlled at about 3 minutes, and once every morning and evening. Otherwise, even if you brush your teeth very diligently, it is equivalent to white brushing, which will eventually lead to gum problems.

  2, eat hot and drink cold interval of 3 minutes on a cold winter day, it is definitely a great pleasure to have friends and relatives sit around and eat hot pot hotly. It is even more “enough” to drink iced drinks in the meantime.

However, this could cause “strong protests” on gastrointestinal and blood pressure.

  After eating hot dishes, the gastrointestinal system expands, and immediately drink a lot of cold drinks. The originally warm stomach was suddenly stimulated by cold drinks, which is difficult to adapt to, which will inevitably lead to a series of adverse reactions.

At this time, the blood vessels will quickly contract and the secretion of gastric juice will change. Not only is it difficult to digest, but the dilated blood vessels will rapidly contract, which will lead to increased blood pressure, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, which is very dangerous for patients with hypertension.

Therefore, it is best not to eat foods with strong temperature contrast in a short period of time.

Even if you want to drink a cold drink to quench your thirst after eating hot food, you need to wait more than 3 minutes, so that you can insert the stimulation of the stomach.

  3. After waking up in bed for 3 minutes after awake, the body’s function can’t immediately trigger the standby state. This requires a slow adaptation process. If you wake up immediately, you will get a cardiovascular load instead.Will increase.

  Lying on the bed can effectively restore the spirit slowly, including some physical functions, and any form of vertical movement is harmful to the human body. Statistics show that the high-risk stage of cardiovascular accidents is the time period before getting upThis probability is even higher for the elderly.

  Don’t wake up in the morning and get up in a hurry. Open your eyes and rest for a while. Get up slowly after getting used to it. Try not to lower your head and tie your shoelaces after getting up. This is not good for people with poor cardiovascular performance.

  4. Abdominal breathing for 3 minutes. Health experts found that at least half of the people’s breathing methods were incorrect. In the fresh air, at least 3 minutes of abdominal breathing should be done every day.

Haven’t you ever thought that we don’t even know the right way to breathe?

  The correct way to breathe is: when you breathe in, the deeper and deeper the breath, the better, then the diaphragm is lowered, the organs are squeezed underneath, and the stomach will swell, not a period of swelling.

When exhaling, the muscles relax, and the diaphragm will rise more than usual, allowing you to breathe deeply and spit out the carbon dioxide that is stuck in the bottom of the lungs.

  In fact, mammals use abdominal breathing, and humans also use abdominal breathing mainly in the fetus and infants. Since learning to walk, they have changed to partial chest breathing.

Studies have shown that abdominal breathing can give full play to the functions of the heart and lung cells, expand lung capacity, and strengthen heart function.

Due to the regular increase and decrease of abdominal pressure, the activities of internal organs in the abdomen are strengthened, which improves the blood circulation of the digestive tract, promotes the digestive and absorption functions of the digestive tract, promotes intestinal peristalsis, prevents constipation, and accelerates the discharge of toxins.

Abdominal breathing can be achieved only by consciously changing the breathing pattern. It is very simple and easy to implement. If it can be maintained for a long time, it can also eliminate urinary scum and improve blood circulation, which is very beneficial to physical health.