[How to make ham sausage]_Do it yourself_Methods and steps

[How to make ham sausage]_Do it yourself_Methods and steps

Ham sausage is a very convenient but very delicious food.

However, ham sausages on the market are generally ham sausages with more starch content and less meat content, which are not fun to eat.

So many people want to make ham sausage with more meat at home.

After the ham sausage is made, it can be stored continuously in the refrigerator.

You can use it whenever you want, which is very convenient.

So how do you make ham sausage?

1. Ginger slices, sliced shallots and soak them in water for more than half an hour, then repeatedly grasp the onion ginger, remove the onion ginger, make onion ginger water, pour in corn starch, stir and set aside.

Lamb sausage is soaked with water and a little white wine for more than half an hour, rinsed with water, cut with cotton thread, filled with sausage tools, needles, and washed for later use.

Wash the meat and cut into pieces. Stir the fat and lean meat separately, and mix as finely as possible.

2. Add salt, sugar, cooking wine, soy sauce, red yeast rice powder to the meat filling, freshly adjusted the onion ginger corn starch water, pour a small portion in the meat filling, stir in one direction, and wait for the meat filling to completely absorb the water Then, pour a portion of the onion ginger corn starch water and stir it in one direction. This step is very important. Be sure to wait for the meat to absorb the water each time and repeat the next step.

3, until the meat looks very moist, the hand is very flexible on the meat filling, just fine, cover the plastic wrap or fresh-keeping bag, and keep in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours, so that the meat can fully absorb the seasoning, frozenAfter that, the meat filling is more Q-flavored.

Tie one end of the lamb’s intestine with cotton thread, pour the meat filling into the lamb’s intestine, and then slowly push the lamb’s intestine all the way to the bottom of the lamb’s intestine to start sausage filling.

4. After filling a sausage, use a length of cotton to tie it where you can easily step it down according to the length you like, and then use a needle to pierce the sausage with air bubbles (each sausage must be usedPin a few small eyes and let out the air inside, otherwise it will burst when cooking) 5. Dry the skin overnight when it is cold and air-dry. In summer, use an electric fan to blow for about 2 hours.Okay.

6, cold water pot, medium and low heat 20?
Cook in 30 minutes, remove and cool, put in cold bags and store them in quick freezing.